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Mini Lithium Powerpack mit Starthilfe 12 Volt 200Ampere 8.000mAh

max.startleist. 200A (kurz300A) für Benzinmotoren bis 2000ccm/ USB Ausgang 5V 2A/ für 12V Geräte 2A/ Akku: Lithium Polymer 12V, 12Ah/0,65kg/
Bestell-Nr. 20-92613-012-17    -    Preis: 87,95 EUR

Sonderpreis: 67,95 EUR
Katalog-Warengruppe: Strom

Suaoki 300A Peak Car Jump Starter 8000mAh Emergency Auto Portable Battery Booster and Ultra Safe Charger for Tablet and Smartphone with LED Flashlight Black

Bullet Points 3-in-1 Solution: the 8000mAh capacity (300A peak) battery boosts your 12V vehicle (up to 2.5L gas engine), comes with emergency flashlight and a USB port to keep your electronic gadget charged High Performance: thanks to the TIR-C technology support, the jump starter as a powerbank is capable of keeping a safer constant current and saving charging time within max 2.1 amps speed while charging different electronic devices Built-in LED Flashlight: 3 modes of illumination in the dark: Strong/SOS/Strobe, 4 blue LED lights for charging indication Safety Guaranteed: No over-heating, over-current, overcharging and short circuit problems on account of its intelligent circuit protection Portable & Convenient: Palm-sized and lightweight, extremely easy to carry or stash in the glove compartment of your vehicle Product Description A Small Jump Starter for Driving Journey Suaoki 300A peak car Jump starter is conveniently sized with 8000mAh battery capacity to easily and securely restart your car in emergency. Store this unit in your car and you are free to go without calling any help from other drivers.

A Compact Charger for Different Electronics With the advanced TIR-C technology support, this gadget also features the universal USB port to keep your electronics such as mobile phone, tablet and camera and other devices charged. It couldn’t be safer and quicker anymore, since the intelligent charging system adopts to a specific recharge rate tailored to your devices with a safer current and a quick speed up to 2.1 amps per port.

A Built in LED Flashlight in the Dark Building with a super light and ultra-thin body together with a LED flashlight function, this booster is very handy when you’re on a road trip, for camping or outdoor adventure. Most importantly, the extremely energy efficient LED light features 3 modes from ultra-bright, SOS to Strobe mode that can even help under emergency situation!

Product Specifications Battery Capacity: 8000mAh Starting outlet voltage: 12V USB Output: 5V/2.1A Charging Mode: 5V/2A Start Current: 150A Peak Current: 300A Cycle Life: 1,000 times Applicable Temperature Range: -20 - 60℃ Weight: 242g Dimension: 5.12inx2.95inx0.79in(130mmx75mmx20mm)

Package Content 1x Suaoki 8000mAh Jump Starter 1x Pair of Battery Clamps 1x Micro USB Cable 1x User Manual 1x Carry Storage Pouch

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Mini Lithium Powerpack mit Starthilfe 12 Volt 200Ampere 8.000mAh (max.startleist. 200A (kurz300A) für Benzinmotoren bis 2000ccm/ USB Ausgang 5V 2A/ für 12V Geräte 2A/ Akku: Lithium Polymer 12V, 12Ah/0,65kg/)

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Mini Lithium Powerpack mit Starthilfe 12 Volt 200Ampere 8.000mAh 
max.startleist. 200A (kurz300A) für Benzinmotoren bis 2000ccm/ USB Ausgang 5V 2A/ für 12V Geräte 2A/ Akku: Lithium Polymer 12V, 12Ah/0,65kg/ 
 87,95 EUR

67,95 EUR
für Versand

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